Why Choose Us? 

Well, let's be honest, the choice of fisheries in France where you can catch a good head of good size Carp is now pretty extensive and hence the competition is great. So what sets us apart from the rest?

Firstly, we are not too big. By this we mean that with our two lakes you're never going to be very far from the fish. We hear stories from anglers who have sat on the bank of some of the larger fisheries for days on end and not caught a thing. They know the fish are there but they can't get near them. At our lakes you will always be as close to the big fish as you want to be and so will stand a good chance of banking a 'PB'.


Secondly, we pride ourselves on providing our guests with a highly personalised service. From your very first contact with us, be it a call or an email, we will repsond quickly and get to you all the info you need for you to weigh us up against our competition. We don't promise anything we can't deliver.

When you fish with us we will be on hand if you need us. But if you simply want to get on with it, no problem, as long as you abide by the rules.


We aim to provide the very best service for our clients - if there is something you are not happy about, we want to know about it, so that we can work with you to put things right. 


Above all we strive to provide the very best Carp fishing experience available in France. We have a good stock of all sizes of fish above 20 lbs in each lake. We pride ourselves on being very reasonably priced and intend to keep things that way. We want you guys to enjoy the Fish in France experience and to tell your fishing buddies about us. 

What do you get for your money? 


Simply a great angling opportunity. 2 lakes with over 500 good sized Carp, both Mirrors and Commons, and now a few Grass Carp too, plus a variety of other catches in all the lakes. We have sturgeon, pike, catfish, roach, rudd, zander... but no 'poisson chat' We don't like them, does anyone?


A great angling opportunity, we hope you'll agree. You'll be in heaven camped next to your rods waiting for those bite alarms to sing, but no too long we hope.

Amongst others, our lakes are an excellent place to fish for specimen Carp and to work to catch your Personal Best (PB). We have all the baits for every season of the year. We can hire you all the gear you are likely to need at a very reasonable price. We can give you expert advice on arrival and above all, provide you with the very best service possible.


We want you to enjoy your fishing trip with us, to catch your personal best and hope that you will want to come back and to FISH IN FRANCE  with us again. Call us now