Frequently Asked Questions


Where are the lakes?

The lakes are in the central west of France in the Limousin region. The closest big town or city is Limoges, famous for its pottery of course.


How far are the lakes from the channel ferry ports?

The drive from Le Havre is approximately 340 miles - about 6 hours drive, and from Calais about 400 miles, about 7 1/2 hours drive. But the roads are generally good French motorways, which incur tolls of about £45.00 (each way). 


How many lakes are there?

We have two lakes on the site - Top Lake and Bottom Lake. Both are stream fed and are up to 16 feet deep at the their deepest points. 


How many and what size are the fish in the lakes  

We have taken stock of the fish in Top lake and know that there are around 250 fish over 20lbs. This includes older stock from the time before we acquired the lakes and the new ones we have introduced in 2009 and 2010. Bottom Lake has not been drained in our time (yet) but we know there are plenty of big fish in there, including the fish up to 50lbs that we have introduced. We have also introduced more big carp into both lakes in November 2010 and February 2011. Stocks in both lakes are now looking 'very healthy' and we will be introducing more new fish to both lakes in the near future.  



What type of fish are there in each lake?

Top lake contains mostly common and mirror carp together with a few grass carp. There are also sturgeon (to 20lbs) with a few other good sized coarse fish. Bottom lake also contains commons and mirrors, plus roach, tench, pike, zander, sturgeon and catfish. 


Who owns the lakes?

The owner / manager is called Dave. He lives in the local area and prides himself on providing the very best for his customers. You will find it worth coming back for his cooking alone!


What are the permitted fishing hours at the lakes?

The lakes have a special licence to allow anglers to fish 24/7 for 365 days a year - not all lakes in France have this permit, we do!


Are baits available on site?

Yes, all the baits you are likely to need are available on site, just speak to Dave and he will make sure you have access to all you need. All our baits are reasonably priced and they work.


Are tiger nuts allowed at your lakes?

We DO NOT allow tiger nuts at the lakes as they can swell up in the fish's guts (they love them and will eat as many of them as they can) and can literally swell the fish till they die. Our fish have cost us many thousands of pounds and we don't want to see any harm come to them. Please treat our fish with the utmost respect, as we do to keep them in tip top condition for you.


Do you do a food package?

Yes we do and it is included in the price for the all-inclusive deal with us - please ask for details... you wont be disappointed. There is no specific menu as all meals will be tailored for each visiting party. Dave and team will check this out with you prior to your holiday with us.


Is there an age limit at your lakes?

Well no... but obviously any children who come to the lakes are naturally the responsibility of their parents and parents must accept that this is the case prior to completing a booking with us. You must keep your children in your sights at all times when fishing at our lakes.  


Do you have insurance at the lakes?

You bet! - we would not be able to trade without it in France.  We are fully licensed and insured and our SIRET number is: 51317 650 30001 this means we are fully legit in France.


Do you allow bait boats at your lakes?

Yes we do allow bait boats at the lakes. And we have them for rent also, at  95 Euros for the week. 


Is it possible for me to bring my dog with me?

We can allow dogs at the lakes as we know they be a great source of company to the angler - especially if they are used to fishing together. Of course your dog will need to be kept under control at all times please.


Are open fires allowed at the lakes?

There are strict rules regarding the lighting of fires all over France, especially in the Summer months. Please speak to Dave on site if you are wanting cook on open fires or barbecues.


Are there any shops close to the lakes?

The nearest supermarket is about 5 kilometres away. Chat to Dave once on site and he will point you in the right direction. There are more shops in Limoges which is some thrity minutes away by road. 


Are there other things to do in the local area?

Yes, there is a much larger lakes complex, called Lac St Pardoux, about 15 kilometres from the lakes, where you can do watersports, there are restaurants and children's play areas too. There are also a few shops, restaurants, a museum and bars in the local town of Chateauponsac.


Why are you so cheap?

We are not cheap - we are simply very good value for money. Our goal is to provide the very best carp fishing to our customers at the best possible price. We know that a lot of visitors to our site are not happy with the venues they have fished at in France in the past and are looking for a new venue - we know because this is what they tell us. They feel they have been over charged or let down in some way. Well, on the scale of things... no pun intended... we are a new venue, but that doesn't mean we can't provide the very best - au contraire, Rodney! We pledge to make sure that your stay with us is something to write home about - something that will get your juices going. We don't make false claims about the fish we have in our lakes - we really have got what we say we have, and what's more we like nothing better than seeing you guys having a great time catching them.


We have fish that will help you to smash your personal bests if you have only ever fished in the UK. We don't promise you that you will catch them but we will give you every opportunity to do so, and at a very reasonable price. 


If you have any further questions, don't be shy to ask - just give us a a call on 07980 870 671 (UK mobile)