Lakes 1 &2


The Top Lake is fishable around three sides of it's banks. It is also 16 feet deep and stocked with plenty of good sized carp. The average size of the fish in the Top Lake is 28.4 lbs and our fish are in tip top condition and regularly fed to keep their weight up, but this doesn't stop them putting up a great fight. Hook into one of these beauties and you can bet you are up for a fight you won't forget in a hurry! 

Check out 'Birthday' and 'Breeze Block' in our gallery, just a few of the many great catches possible in these two lakes.

Top Lake (Lake 1) is a great place to fish,

with average fish size at 28.4lb

The carp run to 60lbs in this lake.

The Fishing

We try to limit the fishing on both our lakes to two anglers on lake one and three anglers on lake two. This is because of the cross line and tangle situation that bunching up anglers can cause, especially when a lively fish is hooked into. We want everyone to enjoy their fishing at the lakes and one way of doing this is to give everyone enough space.  


We do not class ourselves as a 'runs water', more a water where you stand a good chance of smashing your personal best. We have a good head of fish in all three lakes and whilst you fish with us you are never very far from the them, as the lakes are of a good but modest size and therefore they won't elude you for long (hopefully). In terms of sizes of fish caught, in 2020 the average catch size by any party of anglers was well over 27lbs. And to cap this some of our sturgeon make an impromptu trip to the bank on many occasions as well. So while we can't promise you that you will bank an enormous catch of fish in your time with us we do provide you every chance of doing so - the right spot, the right baits, tips and guidance.   


Fishing all year round

Our lakes are fishable all year round, with great catches being made throughout every season of the year. In fact, it seems that as the air pressure drops the fish begin to feed more readily and this of course means the bigger fish as well as the not so big. But hey, a 20lb fish is still great fun to catch, especially when they are active!  

We only charge a minimum fee for overnight stays at our lakes and we don't mind you 'camping sauvage' in your bivvy in designated areas. Also please be sure to clear up any mess and/or litter after yourselves.


For places to stay near to Lakes 1 & 2 click here!

Bottom Lake (Lake 2)

Simply a beautiful lake to fish. It is about 30 metres from the Top Lake and stocked with large Carp (50lbs plus), Tench to 6 lbs plus, Pike to 25 lbs plus, Roach, Rudd and Catfish - need we say more? 


Average fish size in the Bottom Lake is also around 29 lbs. 

There is ample camping ground around this lake on flat areas, with suitable barbecue areas for your use, but please be mindful of the danger of forest fires in the summer months.

There are a few rules which we would like you to abide by as you fish with us:


Careful handling of the fish:

We insist that you treat our fish with respect - don't keep them out of the water for too long - get your cameras set up ready beforehand - and return them to the water gently - but we know you will anyway.


The site:

We would also ask you to treat the site with due respect - don't leave litter lying around or cause damage to the surrounding woodlands etc - obvious stuff really, but just something worth reminding you about as we will look forward to being able to welcome you back!



Rules & Regulations (well, there does have to be some, eh?)

  • Max 2 rods per angler - unless otherwise arranged with Dave, the lakes' owner / manager.
  • NO RODS TO BE LEFT UNATTENDED AT ANY TIME - our fish are very valuable to us and we don't want to put them at risk. A hooked fish running free can easily get snagged and either sustain serious injury to itself or often death as a result.
  • Large Unhooking mats must be used at all times.
  • All fish are to be returned to the water as soon as possible.
  • The use of sacks / keep nets is strictly forbidden.
  • No litter of any type - store it up and we will collect it from you - please ask for bin bags if necessary.
  • Noise should be kept to a minimum.
  • Please use the toilets provided on site - we do not expect to have to clear up after you around the site.
  • Absolutely No Swimming in either of the lakes.
  • No open fires, though you may barbeque (There are strict local rules regarding this - forest fire hazzard etc...) please ask Dave for advice on this, once on site.
  • Respect the countryside around you, do not damage vegetation etc.
  • Any particles to be used must be purchased from us - please do not bring your own!.
  • No Tiger nuts to be used at the lakes - you will find that this is common throughout France now. They swell in the fishes stomachs and can cause death by bloating, so we say NO to tiger nuts.
  • Bait boats are allowed at all our lakes but please inform us if you plan to bring them
  •  We do allow dogs but they must be kept under control at all times please.
  • Both barbed and barbless hooks are permitted but again, please fish responsibly and with care.
  • With regard to rigs - we simply ask that you select 'sensible tackle' that is not likely to put our fish in danger - if you are a responsible Carp Angler, you will know exactly what we mean. We have no wish to tie our anglers down to specific rig rules but do insist that you fish responsibly, and of course this means taking care to select 'safe' rigs... many thanks for your co-operation on this matter. 
  • And lastly, please handle our fish carefully - no standing up when they are photographed with you - terra firma is a long way from homo erectus... a long, long way to fall, if you're a fish!

Please observe our rules of conduct at the lakes as we would love to be able to invite you back.


Check the phase of the moon below - it can make quite a diiference to your catches here's how