Please observe these rules for fishing at our lakes


There are a few rules which we would like you to abide by as you fish with us:

Please ensure that if you are going to bringyour own landing nets and/or weighmats that they are fully disinfected and 'clean' - as you are probably aware this is the single main cause of fish diseases spreading between fisheries. If you cannot ensure this then please do not bring them but instead take a look at our pricing page to see how reasonable we are in the hiring of all the equipment you are likely to need during your fishing break with us. We do have a single 'package price' of £85.00 for the hire of our equipment for 7 days, but if you only need certain items then please mention this when you contact us, then we can give you a price for just the items you need.


Careful handling of the fish:

We insist that you treat our fish with respect - don't keep them out of the water for too long - get your cameras set up ready beforehand - and return them to the water gently - but we know you will anyway. If you are taking photos when you catch our fish then please make an effort to send us your pics on your return home - we would really appreciate it. You can send them to Chris at the following email address or if you are having difficulty sending them over then please email or call for advice on how to achieve this.


The site:

We would also ask you to treat the sites at our lakes with due respect - don't leave litter lying around or cause damage to the surrounding woodlands etc - obvious stuff really, but just something worth reminding you about as we will look forward to being able to welcome you back!


Rules & Regulations


Max 2 rods per angler - unless otherwise arranged with Dave, the lakes' owner / manager. This is because at the two lakes space can be tight with six lines in the water when the big ones hook up. 


Please note:   We have a charge of £20 for the extra rod if required.


NO RODS TO BE LEFT UNATTENDED AT ANY TIME - there is always the potential for harm to come to our very expensive and valuable fish if this occurs - please make sure you bring your rods in if you plan to be absent from your peg for any given length of time - thanks! This way we will be able to ensure the safety of our fish.


• Large Unhooking mats must be used at all times (prepare yourself for some BIG FISH!)

• All Fish are to be returned to the water as soon as possible.

• The use of sacks / keep nets is strictly forbidden  - ALL FISH MUST be returned to the water as soon as is practicable after being caught and photographed please.




As a top French fishery we need to be very careful about what our very expensive and valuable fish are exposed to, we therefore require you to use our groundbaits as a measure of quality control. Please see the pricing page for details of prices. You may of course bring your own boilies or please be aware that we hold boilies for sale on site as well. 


• Please leave No Litter of any type - store it up and we will collect it from you - please ask for bin bags if necessary.


• Please try to keep noise to an acceptable level - excessive and unwanted noise may result in you and your party being aksed to leave the site.


• Please use the toilets provided on site - we do not expect to have to clear up after you around the site. Please leave our lake sites as you would expect to find them.


• Absolutely No Swimming in either of the lakes. Not only would this cause stress to our highly prized fish but also invalidate any insurance which may cover you whilst fishing with us at our lakes.


No open fires, though you may use barbeques during the Summer months, please be aware that there are strict local rules regarding this - forest fire hazzards etc... please ask Dave for advice on this, once on site.


• Please respect the countryside around you and do not cause damage to vegetation etc.


• No Tiger nuts to be used at the lakes - you will find that this is common throughout France now. The fish tend to gorge on these and as they do they expand in their stomachs and can cause serious problems and in some cases, death. So please do not bring them.


• Bait boats are permitted on both lakes. And we do hire them out too.


• Safety rigs are to be used at all times. Only barbless hooks are allowed but again, please make sure that you and your party members fish responsibly and with care - we are naturally keen to protect our fish at all costs and your help would be appreciated.


• And lastly, please handle our fish carefully at all times. Please adopt a crouching position when getting photographs of party members with the fish they have caught, no standing up - terra firma is a long way from homo erectus... a long, long way to fall if you're a fish!


Please observe our rules of conduct at the lakes as we would love to be able to invite you back.


Failure to abide by these simple rules may lead to you and / or your party being asked to leave the site.