UK Passport

Dr Hilary says 'Don't leave home without it!'
Check the Weather in France




Have you... 


Checked your Passport

We can all be caught out with regard to when our passport might need to be renewed. It happened to me recently and cost me £140 at short notice - check yours and make sure you don't have to rush an application through!



Got your GHIC? 

What is my GHIC when it's at home?  

Well it's the great euro replacement for your E111 - the key to free health care when you are not in your home country in the EEC. Let me tell you... it could save you a fortune - make sure you have one for YOU and YOUR FAMILY!   an absolute bargain at 10 quid or so!

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Checked the local weather? 

You can click here to check the local weather in the Haute Vienne region of the county of Limousin.



Got your end tackle sorted out yet?


We would suggest you take a good look through some of the ideas for suitable rigs displayed on these pages and prepare yourself for your stay at our lakes - or just tell us what you would like us to get in for you.






Driving and Surviving in France - please click the image to find out all you need to know about the driving laws in France - they are not the same as in the UK and please don't forget that the French DRIVE ON THE RIGHT!

                                       RAC Route Planner is a useful tool