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Great time again Dave....30s, 40s and PB 51.10 Mirror from the bottom lake.
Had me in tears...50+....fantastic new PB
Cant recommend your Lakes enough.... Thanks for another great visit!!
See you next year (already booked)

A simple Rig & a must to use Daves ground baits & boilies ..... works every time guys!!
Hi there looking for some info on the lakes im looking at coming in march next year 2016 looking forward to it i believe im either lake1 or 2 not sure yet we are trying to find some1 else so we can have both lakes any way if possible on bait best rigs much apprecitred
Hi Dave

Myself and 2 friends are coming out in 2 weeks. Last outing i beat my PB twice and had an amazing time. Its nice knowing your always so close to the fish but it makes it hard to sleep leading up to the trip. My bags are pretty much packed. See you 08th August. Hopefully i can beat my PB again and catch some beauties off the top. Hopefully the 30lb+ Koi will find my baith this trip :)

Bring it on :)

Hi Dave . Thanks for a great wkend 2 20s 3 30s and 2 sturgeon!!! .not bad for fifty hours of fishing(if you take out the time for the luvly grubb and banter. Thank everso jason
thanks dave me and john had gd time all but the weather food was great/ we both beat our personal best johns best fish 39lb 15oz mine a 42lb 10oz see you in may 2016
Hello Guys im booked in to come over on the 27th of march 2015. Top lake 1st time over to france fishing that time of year (march) normaly do my trips june on wards, Could i ask what the weather is like & the fishing this time of year, Probley still be very cold.? How do the lakes fish in the month of march.?.....

Realy looking forward to coming over for the 1st time to WW. Any advive pls feel free to advise me.. Thanks Alan....
Hi Dave
Big thank you from me and Tracey for our great week with you and of course Patsy,great fishing,30 fish out of bottom lake,my Pbs all broken,20 carp,10 sturgeon,couldn,t have asked for more,like to thank Patsy for taking Tracey on a little shopping trip and just being a lovely person he,s a lucky man is our Dave,the food package was spot on,and Dave cooks a mean breakfast.I have already booked for next year with some friends and looking forward to it big time.Dave it was a pleasure mate and you are a true character,see you soon Del Boy
I am booked in for the 16/08/2014 on lake 2 and I cant wait to get there. I have read plenty of good reviews about the lakes and Dave the owner. Chris has been really good in helping me arrange this trip a personal thank you to that man :). Very impressed with the price and the service available. Bring it on :D

See you soon WW :)

Hey Tom, welcome aboard - you'll have a great time out there. And send me all your pics when you get back eh?

hi dave
Just wanted to say a big thank you to you from me and wes,
just got back from a weeks amazing fishing on your top lake what can i say 32 fish between us biggest 45.5lb loads of 30 plus and grass carp and sturgeon what a lake and the food package was fantastic.
complements to the chef think ive put about a stone on excellent food lol. I unfortunately didnt quite make the 40 club pal but 37lb absolutely chuffed smashed my pb 3 times.Your a top bloke dave.
good tip for anyone going to fish top lake listen to dave he knows his lake and the fish very well.
but be prepared for some arm wrenching carp because they do fight like you have never experienced.
Once again thank you dave and your missus for a fantastic weeks carping cant wait to come back and beat that 37lb mirror and my 33lb common ,thanks mate

Fantastic chaps, really glad you had such a great time - what a place eh?

Dave and Chris... and Patsy the chef!
Hea dave just like to thank you for an amazing few days in the middle of august on the top lake with ma mate for my 30th birthday. We counted are selves as novices when it came to carp fishing but with you tips we landed 32 fish up to 35lbs 5 of which were over 30lbs which I am still buzzing from. Everthing from food supplied every day (which was amazing) to gear that we rent which was top of the line made the experience that much better. Hope to come back so day snd give the cats a go. Thanx again. Oh and sorry again for pushing that tree into the lake lol guess I don't know my own strength lol

Hey Glenn, glad you had such a great time and caught some lovely fish too.... check out the homepage! lol

Chris K
Just came back from what you would call the wettest week fishing in France, 24-31 May. BIG DAVE (named by our little David) was the best host we could have hoped for, welcoming, fantastic food supplied by Patsy & BIG DAVE was good company through out, couldn't catch a cat fish though!!!
We had 11 runs, 6 caught up to 27, water still too cold, " it was like putting ice cubes in their drink" (coz it hailed stoned 1 day) as BIG DAVE described.
We had a great time meeting your lovely daughters too who let us explore the woods, which was an amazing experience.
We will look forward to seeing you all again in the future, will be in touch soon Dave, Michelle & David

Hey Dave, glad you guys had a great time - apologies for the weather - like I could do anything about it, even with all my great powers! Message conveyed to BIG DAVE as well - many thanks Chris K
Hi,coming to fish lakes 1 & 2 in july,after reading latest comments really looking forward to our weeks fishing..can any of the previous comments post and what bait they caught on and what rigs all info gratley appreciated.see you soon tight lines :)

Hello Billy, I shall post this one up in the hope they can leave us and you guys some useful tips - I'm sure they can, eh boys?
What a fantastic place second trip 3rd already booked. Had very mixed weather up and down like a yoyo but a fantastic week ended on 25 fish 5 of of those being 30s 15 being 20s some high ones aswel they will easily be 30s in the summer. Biggest of my trip was 39.4 . Lakes look fantastic and you should really go for the food package as the food is fantastic. Thank you to Daves wife for cooking me a birthday cake and and thanks you dave for singing. Looking forward to my return visit as some of those 30s will certainly be 40s when I come back. Thanks again for an amazing week
Many thanks
Dan Harper

Hey Dan, thank you for the feedback and glad to hear that all went swimmingly for you. Look forward to seeing you again soon.
Best regards
Dave, Patsy and the team.
Steve wrote: "Fished there last year for a week Dave was such a star throughout the week charged our bait boat batteries day in and day out had a great week my bests was a 37lb 7 oz but lost a good few bigger than that!! lake was great food was great and fishing was great will be going back when I have the time thanks Dave for looking after us so well all the best Steve and his happy mate Jim"

Good to hear from you guys and glad you had a great time at our lakes. See you again soon hopefully.

Dave and the team
Hi, I am fishing the top lake in June, good to see that it is fishing well. Any tips on rigs bait etc all info appreciated many thanks
13th april 2013
had good week on lake 1 paul had 32 fish to 39lb terry had 5 fish
alen had 13 fish to 38lb from lake 2&1
(english bacon needed )see you again soon dave.

Excellent, well done guys!
hi,coming to fish lakes 1 and 2 in july,any latest updates????on how they fishing,looking forward to our weeks fishing,see you soon :)

Hi Phil, good to hear from you. The guys last week did really well as you can see.

Chris K
Coming to lake 1 at end of may for a first visit and must say after reading the reports and seeing the pictures im now counting down the minutes and not the days,cant wait and look forward to it immensly,see ya soon,,,,

Hi Brad, and this weeks guys have been doing well too so far!

Chris K
Had yet another brilliant trip to winsome waters (6th-13th April) with both uf us beating our pb's again. Had 40 carp out of the top lake the best 3 being 39lbs, 38lbs 14oz and 38lbs 12oz. Had 4 more in the 30's too and many more in the 20's. Good chance that all of the 30's we caught will be in the 40's in the next few months as they start to pile on the weight. All the fish are in brilliant condition and I think Dave's had them dragging tractor tires throughout the winter as they all fight so well! Fantastic place to fish and Dave's great company too. Thanks for another great week, see you again in August

Jeff and Callum
Had a fantastic time at lakes 1 and 2 in the first week of febuary I managed 18 fish total which consisted of 13 20lb fish biggest 28lb 3 3olb fish biggest 34lb and two 40lb fish the biggest and my new pb 43lb. i would recommend anyone to come down and break their pb here its a wonderfull place shower and flushing toilet (I was the first person to use it) optional meals which are amazing, what more could you ask for. Oh and theres fish to 60lb in there and you can try to catch "Aussie" a beautiful fully scaled mirror named after me after catching him at 21lb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Joe, glad to hear you had such a great time, some brilliant catches. Looking forward to your return. All the best from FIF
we fished in june and i had a pb of 45lb 2oz.dave/chris are fantastic ill be coming back thanks dave/chris

Hey John, Karen good to hear from you - Welcome back anytime. Give us a buzz!
Went for the first two weeks in Sept. The food was terrific, as was the weather. Fishing was a bit slow, possibly due to the unseasonal heat wave (got up to 40 degrees at one stage.!!) but really enjoyed the stay. Dave did everything he could to help, including coming down to fish, just to show us how it was done.......blanked.! Couldn't have been made more welcome from Dave, the missus and the two girls.
Still walked away with a PB and loved every minute........but feel that there is unfinished buisness on the top lake. Have never seen fish in such imaculate condition. The golden carp that my old man caught was simply stunning and the fight from the 20lbs sturgeon had to be experienced to be believed. Cheers Dave.

Hi Andy, we are really glad you guys had a good stay with us and thank you for the kind comments and of course the pics for the website. best regards to you from all of us at FIF.
Hi Dave./Patsy and girls.
Well...! what a fishing trip,sorry had to go home early wife was admitted to hospital, all is well with her now. So my friend the MK1V cane rod handeld the 34lb Mirror with ease, wish you were there to see it.I even netted it by myself.... Pics to follow.
We should like to thank you for your hospitality and friendship during our stay. Roll on next year.

Tight Lines

Mr Crabtree/Phillip/Clifford.
Hey Dave,
Just a quick note to say thanks for a great weeks fishing at winsome 1&2....the fishing was great at the bottom lake despite the hot tempretures during the day and some beautiful fish were caught by mark and myself...mark got his PB!!! lucky boy and mine escaped me at the net!!! so a true fishermans tale with the one that got away? Great food from the wife as well pics to follow mate, see you soon
hi cris just got back on the 28th july from lake 2 had over 100 fish with 4 of us fishing the other 3 lads didnt have much over 15lb But i smach it i had 35 fish with 3 cats the biggest being 53lb 43lb 16lb 2 grass carp 29lb pb 22lb 31lb mirrer 14 in there twentys .get u the pictures soon

Wow, that's excellent Shaun, nice one!
Many thanks Chris K
hi cris we go again on the 21st of july to the new lake for the first time as we went to the 1 and 2 lake 3times last year 'so when we get back send you pictures all the best shaun

Hi Shaun, glad to have you back on board - hope you are looking forward to your next trip with us. All the very best... and yes, please send those pics through when you get back.

Cheers Chris K
hi just got back from our second trip this year had 38 fish from the botom lake and 20 from the top the bigest being 34lb great time

Hi Shaun, glad you had a great time at the lakes. If you have any pics would you mind sending them over please, and I will ge them up on the site as soon as I can.
Best regards
Chris K
Has anyone been fishing the lakes recently. No catch reports of late.??
Have booked for next year and would love to hear a constant flow of good reports and photos?

Cheers. Andy

Hi Andy, blame me ... been so busy chasing my tail I've not been nagging all our anglers for their photos... thanks for reminding me, I will get onto that - come on guys, send yer pics to me, then I can make you 'famous'!
Best regards
Chris K
just returned 28/5/2011 great weeks fishing 32 fish caught by the four of us biggest 33lb smallest 12-5 plus two sturgeon going to 18lb nice location would definatley book again and take our own kit this time hire kit basic and repaired a few times but still caught.very good help from the onset of booking up and till departure from lakes

Hi Mike, thank you for the comments and glad to hear that you guys had a great week.
Very best regards
Chris K
come bk last week 16th-23th april,had a great time party of 4 caught 43 fish,biggest being 40lb miror carp & 20lb stergeon,would recommend the trip,are thinking of rebooking for next year.

Glad you had a good time, you guys. Well done getting those big ones in. Have you any good pics to send me?

All the very best
Chris K
hello there,im booking a holiday for april next yeat for me and three friends too go fishing in france,ive searched far and wide many a website and yours is by far the best,is early april next year avaliable????

Hello Shane, thank you for the kind comments. April next year is indeed available at the moment. Please use the contact page and I will give you a ring about it or of course you can ring me on 07980 870 671
All the very best
Chris K
i have just got back from windsom waters it is a peacful and tranquil setting in the country side i caught 3 sturgen and 10 carp with the biggest being 30 pound on the carp and 16 pound on the sturgen side. i beat my pb and all my frends who come beat there pb it is a loverly place and plane on returning.

Many thanks Daniel - good to hear you all had a great time - we hope to see you all again soon.

PS did you get any good pics for us?
All the best
Chris K
thanks for the consent cant wait for april see you soon

You are most welcome Shaun, hope you have a great time - speak to you soon, cheers Chris K
booked for september. would like to now is it better by ferry or eurostar. it would take us to paris saving agood hour or so.or are we the wrong side.thanks johnny

Hi Johnny, could you please give me a ring - Many thanks, Chris K
Hi Chris,
Thanks for linking to our Carping for Cancer Charity site,

Hope to meet you in person at a match soon?

Everyone welcome

Cheers - Jas
Absolutely demon deal my friend. I can't beleive we are going to be fishing your lakes for the price you have given us. and the service you have already given us is superb. did I tell you that you were there only site to call us back straight away and six others didnt even bother! we are really looking forward to a great trip with you guys now. all the best JD and party.

Hey JD, it was good to talk to you and thank you for the kind comments. We will make sure your trip to our lakes is special for you, especially as it's your first to France. Welcome aboard - all the best, catch you later cK
Hi guys, I really like the look of the lakes and the website is also good. Can you please tell me what gear i would need to bring if I booked a week with you and paid for your gear package? I will contact you with regard to dates as well. i might even be able to fit in two trips this year. thank you Martin M

Hi Martin, thanks for the contact, I got your email and have responded in full to you. But for now and just to let others in on the info... if you hire our gear all you will need to bring is a sleeping bag and your end tackle, we will supply the rest.

I have also sent over a short list of available dates for you to think about. Let me know if you require further assistance.
Catch you soon, all the best Chris K
hi chris im booked for a week in may could you please give me a price on the caravan.and does each lake have enough room for four bivvies or is it two on each lake many thanks

Hi Dean, hope I covered everything for you - let me know
All the best
Chris K
hi we are looking to come to your lakes in 2011 there is no reportsonhows the lakes are fishing or what is being caught theres picture but no dates so so no info on whats ben coming out

Hi Richard, thanks for the contact. I will endeavour to give you a call later today. I am currently away on holiday and experiencing some problems with my old laptop. Best regards Chris Kennard
I really like your pb celebration page and hope to see some big fish on it. by the way i will be contacting you for a weekend fishing in october for my freindes and me well done - jurgen
hi chris, thanks for the information. we will be booking with you as soon as we can sort out our dates for all of us. its a really easy site to use and you are always very helpful when i call. we are all looking forward to our time at the lakes. i will get our preferred dates to you as soon as i can. thanks dave
hi im looking into coming in feb 2011 ive been lookin at pics and reports but there is no reports of pics of catfish wat is the biggest catfish banked

Hey Luke, we have put catfish into both lakes since we bought them and the biggest in is around 15lbs. But we believe that there is something huge (not saying its a Catfish) in Bottom Lake and we are dying for someone to fish there and bank it for us. We have a fantastic deal on now for the exclusive fishing of Bottom Lake and the use of the caravan too. So if this is something that might appeal to you please take a look at our Family Holiday Package page - you wont find a better deal, promise.

Many thanks
Chris K - extra tight lines!
hi chris thanks for all the info we just need to get the group sorted here then we will be making the booking with you. if all you say is true then this is destined to be a great holiday for our guys - really appreciate your help throughout our search thanks trevor and the team

Hi Trevor, you are most welcome, glad to be of help. Please contact me if you would like to make a booking. And take a look at our new all inclusive deal this week - all the best Chris K
Can you please send me details of yourr caravan price thanks kk

Hi, your best bet is to email (as you forgot to out your contacts on the form) and I will get back to you or call me on 07980 870 671 cheers Chris K
Hi we are looking for some fishing in france this autumn if I call you could you please give me a price for the full package for the two of us. we would like to fish the lakes exclusively thanks, Mark

yes of course, just let me know what it is you want and leave me either your email address or phone number and I will get straight back to you with the price - you won't be disappointed! thanks Chris
thanks for all the info and prices chris really interested will get back t you soon - C

You are welcome, hope to hear from you soon. All the best, Chris K
Thanks for the call chris sorry I missed you the first time. Got your message and will be calling you over the weeknd to sort out some dates. I do like the site by the way, nice and easy to get round

Hi Alan, thanks for the kind comments - Chris K
i phoned chris to find out more about the lakes and he was very helpful with everything i wanted to no im looking forward to booking the lakes for me and my friends
Recevied your email this evening, thank you for that, don't know where you got my address from but glad you did. Your offer looks fantastic i've already got lots of my mates interested i will be in touch many thanks clums